Name:  Cynthia Fleming
Title:  Receptionist
Hometown:  Natchez, MS
Family:  Married to Brent Fleming for 19 years. I have two grown sons, David and Charlie and a grown stepson, Jared. Three beautiful Daughter-In Laws, Donna, Rani, and Courtney. I am a grandmother to Bryce, Caden Tyler, Jaden Maddox, Leah Isabella, Layton Andrew, Griffin Hope, and Caden Brent. I have a 10-year-old Lab named River’s and a two kitty’s, Chicory and Krispy Kreme. 

Last book you read?  I am currently reading a Greg Iles book, Cemetery Road.

What’s in your coffee/tea? I have coffee with my sugar and cream and tea with my sugar and lemon!!

What made you decide to join Waggoner Engineering?  I had been laid off from an architectural firm and was fortunate enough to hear that Waggoner was in need of a receptionist, so, I applied. I love my position here. Everyone is like family and our clients are the best!

What project has had the biggest impact on your career? Every project!  No project is more important than the one we are working on at any given time.

If you weren’t receptionist, what would you be doingI think if I wasn’t working with Waggoner, I might just be a more present grandmother. Not sure my family would be excited about that position!!! So, to keep the peace in the family, keep me working!!

What’s your secret talent?  I just love people!  My friends say I’m a good listener. Ok, I can keep secrets well too.