Name: Clinton Russell, Jr.
Title: GIS Analyst
Hometown: Lexington, MS
Family: Married 18 years, 5 children

Last book you read? Logistics Clusters by Yossi Sheffi. It was suggested to me by a friend at the U.S. Department of Commerce and it’s so hot, I cannot put it down!

What’s in your coffee/tea? Prefer my Folgers-Columbian straight black, no sugar or cream!

What made you decide to join Waggoner Engineering? I came to join Nigel Gardner and the original LiDAR or ALTM Dept. in 1998. My favorite thing about working at Waggoner is working with “Construction & Engineering Legends”, such as: Nigel Gardner & Robbie Robinson – two pioneers who introduced LiDAR to the State of Mississippi; David Collins – the contractor who almost single handedly built the Highland Colony Parkway….and a few more! 

What project has had the most significant impact on your career? Career wise, I would have to say the FEMA DFIRM Project.

If you were not a GIS analyst, what would you be doing? I would be a stand-up comedian!…like Rita Brent (rising new local star on Patty Peck Honda commercials)

What’s your secret talent?My secret talent is….. I am a Craftsman, or carpentry-woodworking wizard!Learned this in high school from my shop teacher, who….because of a disagreement with my dad, took me under his wing just to make dad mad. Today, my dad’s home is full of Clarence Harvey-designed cabinets! No joke.