Statewide Watershed Assessments – The MS Soil and Water Conservation Commission, in February, finalized a five-year agreement with Waggoner to support the development of multiple watershed assessments statewide. The program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), in connection with two federal initiatives aimed at improving water quality in the nation’s waterways by reducing the impacts of agricultural development and runoff within watersheds. Some of the tasks include hydrologic and water quality characterization, identification of best management practices for source water protection, GIS analysis, modeling of treatment effects, estimation of pollutant load reductions, development of targeted education and outreach plans, and the establishment of interim metrics to track progress. Waggoner’s Watershed & Coastal, Hydrology & Hydraulics, and GIS discipline areas are collaborating on the effort.

Reunion Parkway, Phase B – The Madison County Board of Supervisors contracted with Waggoner (through its operating affiliate Mississippi Engineering Group) in January to complete final design and construction documents for Phase B of the Reunion Parkway. Phase B connects Bozeman Road to Parkway East and includes just over one mile of four-lane, divided median roadway, as well as a bridge over I-55. Waggoner initially contracted with the County in August of 2019 for the performance of preliminary design, which the Transportation Team completed ahead of schedule. Waggoner also is assisting the County with the preparation of an application to USDOT for a BUILD grant for construction of the project.

North State Street Reconstruction – Construction is now underway on the City of Jackson’s North State Street reconstruction project. Waggoner’s Construction Services team is providing construction phase administration and resident project review for the rehabilitation of the roadway between Fortification Street and Woodrow Wilson Boulevard. This effort is one of several different roadway and infrastructure rehabilitation projects within Jackson’s downtown and Capital Complex areas for which Waggoner currently is engaged in some stage of planning, design, or construction.

City of Gautier, Water Supply & Treatment Upgrade – Waggoner’s design of a new water supply well and treatment plant upgrade for the City of Gautier is in the final stage. The City is collaborating with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for funding a portion of the improvements. This project will resolve a long-standing water quality issue in the City’s potable water system and deliver much-needed service to Gautier’s critical neighborhoods.

Sardis Lake Master Development Plan – The Town of Sardis, MS, has engaged Waggoner to develop a master plan for over 900 acres of property within the Town, next to Sardis Lake. This plan would include a significant tourism component, coordinated with improvements to downtown Sardis, and approximately 500 residential homes. Waggoner’s Planning and Development team has completed the preliminary master plan, developed a preliminary economic model, and presented the concept to the USACE. It is anticipated that later this year, Waggoner will finalize the master plan and economic model, assist the Town in selecting a series of developers and work on the necessary infrastructure plans for the development. 

Project Updates