Emily Bess

JACKSON, Miss. – May 4, 2021 – Waggoner Engineering, Inc., a full-service economic development, program management, and engineering firm, is pleased to announce that Emily Bess has joined the company and will serve as a GIS analyst remotely before moving to the company’s Jackson office.

A recent graduate of Virginia Tech University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Informatics, Bess has spent the last several years gaining a wealth of hands-on training and knowledge as a GIS analyst at the Conservation Management Institute and a lab technician in the Virginia Tech Department of Entomology.

Notable projects included the Senior Capstone Project, where she helped develop an application for the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest ecological team and the Data Matter Group Project, exploring the discrepancies and implications of the Washington Post’s police shootings dataset.

About Waggoner Engineering, Inc.

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