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Camp Shelby Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Civil-Site Development
Camp Shelby, Mississippi

Waggoner was tasked with replacing the aging sanitary sewer collection system within the Cantonment Area at Camp Shelby. Portions of this system date back to World War I, and due to deterioration and damage, infiltration and inflow into the system is extensive during wet weather.
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35 mile

Collection system replacement with modern, low-infiltration pipe and manholes

Project Objective

The design reduced the number of pumping stations, thereby greatly reducing maintenance and energy costs. The primary objective is to bring the infiltration and inflow in line with permit requirements and to provide modern collection and transport of Camp Shelby wastewater for the existing and projected populations and flows of the Training Site Cantonment Area.      

“The design anticipates all new pipe and manholes, installed by a combination of trenching and pipe bursting in consideration of existing roadways, environmentally sensitive areas, and other areas not suited for trenching.”


Gravity flow is used to the maximum extent practical. However, due to the terrain and the location of the treatment facility, several pumping stations are required. Design of the system was completed in July 2013, and construction will be performed in phases over several years as funding becomes available.
Camp Shelby Sanitary Sewer System