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City Center

Civil-Site Development
Ridgeland, Mississippi

The City of Ridgeland, with the aid of Waggoner Engineering and other professional firms, is carrying out a long-term initiative to plan and construct a comprehensive City Center on a repurposed and redeveloped site that formerly hosted a concrete beam manufacturing facility.
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Site Redevelopment

Waggoner has planned and designed traffic and roadway improvements for access to the site, and has performed various environmental and design services relating to redeveloping the site.


“The site is a very visible site in a high traffic area, and will accommodate a new city hall, arts and community center buildings, and other facilities.”


The project improvements include the demolition of existing concrete structures, pavements, and spoil materials within the 22.5 acre parcel located in the northwest corner of the intersection of Highway 51 and School Street in the City of Ridgeland. The project also includes limited clearing, grading, and placement of temporary surfacing for vehicular parking.

Ridgeland, Mississippi City Center