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Mississippi Hydrography Dataset Development (MDEM Layer Development)

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

Hydrography is one of the seven framework data layers of the Mississippi Digital Earth Model (MDEM) and is a high priority for USGS at the Federal level. Since completing an initial pilot project with MDEQ and USGS in 2010, Waggoner has completed

the mapping of 25,000 square miles of the Mississippi Hydrography Dataset, consisting of local resolution hydrography data throughout the state at the HUC-8 basin level.

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25,000 square miles

Completed of Mississippi Hydrography Dataset

Project Data

These data have been developed to the standards of USGS’s National Hydrography Dataset; and, as they have been completed, they have been conflated and uploaded into the National Map. Waggoner, MDEQ and USGS continue to partner on the completion of this important dataset for Mississippi and the nation.