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Mississippi Power Company
Project-Ready Site Program

Project Management and Site Preparation

In 2007, Mississippi Power Company (MPCO) established an ambitious goal to identify and “certify” a number of appropriate sites for attracting new manufacturing, warehouse/distribution facilities across its 23-county service areas in south Mississippi.

Waggoner Engineering (Waggoner) joined forces with the nationally and internationally-acclaimed site location consultant McCallum Sweeney Consulting (MSC), and was selected in a competitive procurement process by MPCO to direct their multi-year Project Ready Site Program. 

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40 sites

varied in size from 75 acres to over 1,500 acres

About the Program

Site analyses considered over 40 sites presented by local economic development agencies. Sites were evaluated and prioritized according to MPCO’s criteria, which were jointly developed by MPCO and the consulting team at the outset of the program. The sites have varied from 75 acres to over 1,500 acres. 

Each site that met the initial qualifying criteria was reviewed and evaluated to determine its specific recommended target market. These recommendations were shared by MPCO with the local economic development agency so that each agency can better fine-tune their marketing of the sites to industry sectors best suited to the site.