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Mississippi Power Company Transmission Lines

Geospatial & Asset Management
Jackson, Mississippi

Waggoner assisted the Mississippi Power Company with mapping its 2,200 miles of transmission lines using Airborne Laser Terrain Mapping (ALTM) data acquisition and processing. The ALTM data included structure locations, digital elevations models (DEM) and transmission lines sag. Waggoner was the first engineering company within the United States to own and operate a LiDAR system to support various types of engineering and mapping applications.

Waggoner performed LiDAR mapping of all of Mississippi Power Company (MPCO) transmission lines of approximately 2,200 miles. The LiDAR mapping included obtaining a profile of the existing ground, structure locations as well as conductor heights. In addition, Waggoner utilized its LiDAR mapping of the transmission lines to develop the MPCO GIS transmission system.