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Hinds Parkway

Byram, Mississippi

The project was conceived through a planning initiative by the Mississippi Development Authority as a multi-modal transportation corridor designed to enhance both economic development and energy efficiency. The entire project will consist of an 18-mile, low speed multi-lane parkway style road situated between the Byram Community at I-55 in the southern portion of the Jackson Metropolitan Area, extending northwestward to the Norrell Road Interchange at I-20 in Clinton. The design concept further calls for sidewalks, pedestrian walking trails, and biking trails along with access limitations to ensure public safety and enhance levels of service. 

Waggoner completed the route evaluation and NEPA documentation services. The FHWA approved a FONSI for this approximately 18-mile project.

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Project Details

Specific work efforts include identification of five alternate routes for the 15-mile corridor; traffic modeling of existing and future conditions; evaluation of environmental impacts, including wetlands and floodplains, threatened and endangered species, historical and archaeological, noise, land use and farm lands, socio-economic, air and water quality, noise, hazardous waste sites; and other related issues.