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Flowood Wirtz Road Water Well

Water Resources
Flowood, MS

Waggoner designed a special system to meet Flowood’s complex needs. State of the art disinfection technologies were researched, analyzed and evaluated to find a safe alternative for the new well. The facility had to provide an aesthetic, context sensitive building for housing the well control system and treatment components. The structure was required to blend well with the surrounding

equestrian area by mimicking the exterior finish of nearby barns. The floor plan was sized to enclose large unsightly well equipment such as chemical storage tanks and an emergency generator. Energy efficient components were required in the operation of the system such as soft-start and VFD motors.

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1,750 gpm

Water well and treatment plant

Cost & Efficiency

The city spent $1.8 million to construct the 1,750 gpm water well and treatment plant which produces over one million gallons of water each day. This additional water met the system demands and reduced the runtime on other wells.


1 Million gallons

of Water Produced Each Day

$1.8 million

Spent to Construct the Well and Treatment Plant


8,100 Gallon

Storage Tank for Holding Liquid Sodium

Risk Protection

A liquid sodium hypochlorite dosing system was chosen as the means of disinfection. It is unique to the Central region of Mississippi and protects surrounding neighborhoods from the potential risk associated with a chlorine gas leak. The new system contains an 8,100 gallon storage tank for holding the liquid sodium hypochlorite and reduces the number of times maintenance personal come into contact with the chemicals.

Flowood Wirtz Road Water Well